Friday, December 2

Checking On The Health Of Your Bones By Having A DXA Scan

There may come a time when your doctor recommends you have a DXA body composition scan, and you may be wondering what this is. If this is something that your doctor has suggested you have and you want to know more information about it, below you will find more details about the procedure. You can read below to get more info to understand what to expect when having a DXA scan in your local hospital.

What Is A DXA Scan?

A DXA scan is sometimes called a DEXA scan, and it stands for ‘dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry’, and these scans are often used to measure the density of bones and other solid objects within your body. The denser the material, the fewer x-rays that pass through it, giving doctors an excellent idea of the strength and density of your bones. There are two different types of DXA scanners, which are as follows:

A Central DXA Device: These are stationary scanners used to look at the bones in the centre of skeletons, such as the spine or hips. These are large machines that do not move locations easily.

A Peripheral DXA Device: These are smaller units, and they are used to scan the smaller parts of your skeleton, such as arms, wrists, legs, feet, or fingers. These machines are much smaller and do not give as much detail as the larger scanners, but they can let doctors know if further investigation is required.

Having A DXA Scan

It is simple to get a DXA scan, and it will often be done with you lying down, usually on your back. You will need to keep still while the machine is working, the same as when taking a standard x-ray. There is no tunnel to go in, unlike when having a CT or MRI scan, so claustrophobic people will not have to worry.

Who Has A DXA Scan?

The DXA scan is a common tool for treating older people with osteoporosis and other similar conditions. However, you can also use it on younger people that have recently fractured a bone in their body to check the healing of the bone and its density.

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