Friday, July 12

Ensuring Safe Dental Care: Root Canals During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life. But nothing comes without a price. You are likely to experience oral problems 3 times more while pregnant, especially tooth decay. Mild cavities can be easily restored with dental fillings, but what about extensive tooth decay? What if your dentist recommends root canal treatment?  Fret not! The Glen Carbon family dentist will help with your queries about root canal treatment during pregnancy! 

Read this informative blog to know when is the right time to get a root canal during pregnancy, if is it safe, and what are the consequences of avoiding root canal treatment during pregnancy.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment, a dental procedure, addresses severely damaged or diseased teeth. It entails extracting the infected pulp, comprised of connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves, and substituting it with a biocompatible material such as gutta-percha. Ultimately, the tooth is restored with a permanent prosthesis like a dental crown. 

Is root canal treatment safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy encompassed both joys and challenges, resembling a rollercoaster ride that can impact oral health. Unhealthy dietary choices, sugar cravings, hormonal fluctuations, and morning sickness can all negatively affect dental well-being. During pregnancy, the risk of tooth decay increases significantly, making root canal treatment a potential recommendation for severely damaged teeth.

It is crucial to note that root canal treatment is considered safe during pregnancy, especially when conducted in the most secure trimester and administered by a proficient dental practitioner.

When is the right time to get root canal treatment during pregnancy?

The right time to get root canal treatment while pregnant is the second trimester. The first trimester is usually not recommended since there is rapid fetal development, and during the third trimester, you may feel less comfortable lying back in a dental chair. 

Are dental X-rays safe during pregnancy?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, it is better to avoid unnecessary dental x-rays. However, if your dentist deems it necessary before a root canal procedure, they do so by taking into all the safety precautions like using a lead shield or apron. This limits the radiation exposure and ensures no harm to the developing fetus. 

Wrapping up

Root canal procedures are relatively painless and aid in restoring oral function, appearance, and health. Being pregnant doesn’t automatically imply the need to abstain from the treatment since delaying it could potentially worsen oral health conditions.