Monday, December 11

Staying Safe from Trips and Falls at Home

Some of the most common types of accident around the home are trips and falls. While younger people usually don’t suffer from many injuries from a fall, other than maybe a couple of bruises, as you get older, falls become much more dangerous. They can even be fatal. So, here are some tips for preventing trips and falls at home.

Invest in a stairlift

As you get older, a stairlift is a good way to prevent some of the more dangerous falls. It means you don’t have to worry about climbing stairs when you feel unsteady or out of breath. There are all sorts of stairlifts available to suit different people. For example, you can find heavy duty stairlifts in Warwick for those who need extra strength, and folding stairlifts for those who have narrow stairways. Therefore, the majority of homes can have a stairlift installed.

Look out for dangerous areas

There are certain areas of the home where the majority of trips and falls occur.

  • Bathroom – puddles of water and spilled products can cause trips and falls
  • Kitchen – spills can cause trips, as can slippery floor surfaces
  • Hallways and stairs – stairs are a big hazard, and hallways often have items on the floor that people can trip over

Know where the dangers are, and you can prevent a fall.

Trips and falls may not sound like a big deal, but for older people they can be extremely dangerous, so it’s important to take the risk seriously and prevent them from happening.