Saturday, October 1

Selecting The Best Cessation Aid To Help You Quit Smoking

When you want to quit smoking and have struggled going cold turkey, you may want to choose one of the many available cessation aids to help you with this task. You will want to do all you can to quit smoking to look after your health and start living a smoke-free life for your sake and that of your family. There are various aids you can use to help make quitting a much more manageable task, and below are some of the different options you can choose that may suit you.

Dissolvable Nicotine Strips

One method you can use to help you give up smoking is dissolvable nicotine strips, which are highly effective. The dissolvable nicotine strips are available in various flavours and different nicotine strengths, and they are available from pharmacies, supermarkets, and reputable online retailers. When you feel an urge to smoke coming, you take out a strip and put it into your tongue and push it to the roof of your mouth, and the strip will soon dissolve and help keep your cravings under control.

Nicotine Patches

Something else you can consider using which are also highly effective is nicotine patches, which millions of people have used to help them quit smoking cigarettes. The patches are available at pharmacies and supermarkets, and online retailers also stock them. You can get them in different nicotine strengths, and they are simple to use. You can place a patch on any part of your skin, and it will absorb the nicotine over 24 hours, and they are discreet so that you can put them somewhere nobody can see it. You can go about your day not having to worry about craving nicotine and keep your cravings to smoke under control.


Another popular aid you can use to help you quit smoking is vaping, and there are many different types of electronic cigarettes available. You will need to choose which device is best for you, select an appropriate nicotine strength and buy a vape liquid in your preferred flavour. There are many flavours you can choose to vape, and you can make the e-liquids yourself if you want, as everything you need to readily available online. Millions of people worldwide vape, and many people stick to vaping 0mg nicotine e-liquids once they have defeated their nicotine addiction as it is an enjoyable experience.

Nicotine Sprays

There are also nicotine sprays that you can use and are highly effective, and there are two types you can choose. The first is an oral spray which you spray into the back of your mouth whenever you feel the urge to smoke getting stronger. The second one is a nasal spray, and you spray this inside your nose when you feel the urge to have a cigarette. The mouth and nose are full of capillaries that absorb the nicotine in the spray and gets it into your bloodstream quickly. They are both effective aids you can use to help you quit smoking, although some people find the delivery method unpleasant and opt for an alternative instead.